Little Green Footballs

Thursday, November 17, 2005


You'd think that the launch of a global blog/journalism project aimed at destroying the hegemony of the eeeevil Islamo-Marxist MSM forever would have drawn some attention from TIME Magazine's Blog of the Year.

Thus far, not a peep from the Powerline boys.


[UPDATE, six hours later: They've finally mentioned OSM™, but under its old name, and only in passing, as part of a paean to a New York Sun reporter. Here is an excellent but sadly defunct blog about the Sun.]


flugmeister said...

I wonder if Chazmo and Roger know one of their sponsors on Open Sore Media are aiding and abbetting the 'paleos' (to use their parlance)?§ion=middleeastnthafrica&subsection=occupiedpalestine

Steve said...

Sad, really. Not even a "good luck" wish from any of them? As noted in a post below (Powerline Disses LGF) Scott Johnson of Powerline made a point of not mentioning Charles' seminal work with the "flashing memo" when he was interviewed on TV.