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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Open "to the" Source Media

Barry Bell nails it.

So I’m trying to make some kind of sense of Pajam... er, I mean OSM, and all I keep seeing are these buzzwords, buzz phrases, and other self-important, elitist, middle-management type sentences. In fact, a quick 20 minute browse of the site was enough. I’m still cringing. You’ve all seen The Office, right. Well I think I can confirm that OSM is The Office of blogging. Seriously.


[Via comments at Sadly, No!)

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Benjamin said...

Just like to say you are providing great coverage on the OSM train crash. The great thing about this right wing disaster is it's in exquisite slow motion.

The latest news is there is an upcoming "blog carnival" (don't ask) and Glenn Reynolds is asking for posts on military intelligence.

What's this got to do with the spirit of blogging?

A main feature of blogging is its spontaneity. Bloggers respond to world events in their own way and in their own time. But the Central Commitee of the Blogosphere's Biggest Egos have called for a "Blog Carnival" so, yeah, "get your posts ready".

It's embarrassing.

OSM is what happens where a certain section of the blogosphere start believing there own propaganda, and are egged on by their sycophatic echochamber comment boxes and fans.

An accident waiting to happen. Roger Simon and co are pouring money down the drain.