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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Nobody's perfect

Least of all us, but when we make a mistake, we at least have the excuse that we all have day jobs and none of us (as far as anyone knows) has access to any amount of VC funding, much less $3.5 million worth.

But Pajamas Media? They look like they aren't even trying. Case in point:

I'm sure it'll come as quite a surprise for both Bill Quick and John Cole to learn that that Quick is apparently now writing for Balloon Juice. (And note the URL in the status bar; that's what you see when you hover over the "Balloon Juice" link. But the "Grab" software didn't allow me to capture the little hand.)

This screenshot was taken a few minutes ago. It might seem like an isolated case, except for the fact that Bill Quick is identified with "Balloon Juice" in at least two other places -- including the Pajamas Media homepage.

Whatever they're paying their "staff" in Barcelona, Los Angeles, and Sydney -- it's too much.

[UPDATE, 15.49 GMT: They fixed it. Still nothing on the Errors and Corrections page though.]


Steve said...

Amazing ineptitude. It's like they're hardly trying. And as I posted below, how they let get away from them is just mind-boggling.

I don't think there will ever be Sitemeter on Open Source Media-Media not Pyjamas but Pajamasmedia and not pjmedia or pjm either.

What a bunch of clowns!

Tex MacRae said...

Check this out beore they fix it: