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Friday, November 25, 2005

Monkeys in pajamas

Now where did they ever get that idea?

P.S. The illustration above depicts someone wearing pajamas.

The illustration below is a bathrobe (or "dressing gown" if you prefer).


And what's with those black curvy things? They look an awful lot like crescents to us.

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adultmalebluegrouse said...

Are they the (((Hugs))) that the more precious LGFers are so fond of....?

This BlogJam thing. Its a bit over my head. Maybe im missing something, but is it anything more than a slow mo-chatroom for net-savvy self-publicists?

and why is Johnson so mind-numbingly DULL? I doubt the arch-nemesis of the MSM and mastermind of its downfall has ever typed so many original sentences in one sitting.

None of them of any interest whatsoever.

Where is the charisma and personality that fans of his insists he possesses?

Maybe hes just having a bad day and call me cynical if you want, but I think he just got lucky with LGF popularity after 9/11 and cashed in on it.