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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Makes ya think.

From commenter 'Kevin de Bruxelles' over at Eschaton (formatting added):

Twin debacles separated at birth? You decide.

Following the invasion of Iraq, the US fired the vast majority of the Iraqi Army, creating conditions ripe for instability.OSM disbanded 230 and its original 300 “Partners”, creating a vast pool of potential anti-OSM blogger insurgents.
Conman Ahmed Chalabi somehow gets the Pentagon, the CIA, the White House, and the New York Times to believe that the convicted swindler could run Iraq.Conman Roger L. Simon somehow gets experienced venture capitalists, leading anti-Muslim bigots, small town CPA’s and Vichy liberals like David Corn to believe that a failed mystery writer could run a company.
After Exxon-Mobile refused to allow its trademark to be infringed upon, Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) was renamed Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).After a radio production company strongly objects, Open Source Media is set to change its name; the frontrunners include Ass Clown Media and Spring Time for Hitler Media.
DICK CheneyCharles JOHNSON
PlameGate: In a desperate attempt at damage control, Karl Rove outs the wife of OIF critic Joesph Wilson but only makes matters worse.FlameGate: In a desperate attempt at damage control, the wife of Roger Simon outs OSM critic Dennis the Peasant but only makes matters worse
Washed-up terrorist legend Abu Musab al-Zarqawi rises again to lead the anti-US forces in Iraq.Retired wingnut legend Steven Den Beste returns to play David to OSM’s Goliath.
Judy MillerJudy Miller
Although many reasons are offered -- WMD’s, support for terrorism, control of oil, vengeance, democracy in the Arab world and just plain old colonialism – no one really knows why Iraq was invaded.Although many reason are offered – spreading the wingnut agenda, fact checking the MSM, pure naked greed, lending gravitas to the blogosphere or just the plain old desire to create media rock stars – no one can articulate OSM’s raison d’etre.
OIF lacks an exit planOSM lacks a business plan
The huge Mission Accomplished banner hanging at the OSM launch party.

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Mr. Spock said...

Good list of comparisons, I banged out something similar last night on BuzzMachine

The only thing I can think of that they forgot here was the foolishness of shouldering aside potential allies by disparaging them as "Old Europe"/guaranteeing a public catfight with Ann Althouse by accusing her of "jumping the shark"