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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Look out, Roger!

You've got competition:

WESTERVILLE, Ohio, Nov. 1, 2005 – LINGERE (The League of Independent News Gathers Who’ll Earn Respect Eventually) Media, a new blogging venture designed to bring together top online writers, journalists and commentators under a single umbrella that might be a portal, a web site, or something completely different tomorrow if we think of it, today unveiled its editorial board as it prepares for its formal debut this month.

The announcement comes as LINGERE Media works on today’s version of its vision of coalescing the internet’s brightest minds and most compelling content into a single source that will be shoehorned into your standard old media format. This, in turn, will complement and define 21st Century journalism... in our dreams. The company will detail the umpteenth version of its newest vision and latest strategy -- and perhaps a new name (what the fuck, right?) -- at an invitation-only Westerville event slated for November 16.


The company's November Westerville gathering will include, both online and in-person, of some of the most thoughtful, noteworthy industry leaders and influencers in blogging, journalism, and pig farming. Presently we have Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson tentatively scheduled to give the keynote address, “Why Do Your Undies Always Bunch At The Wrong Time?” (Note: If Scott can’t make it, Roger L. Simon will give the keynote; the topic will be “The Art Of The Deal”). Other events will include roadmap discussions with LINGERE's founders, panel discussions on blogging, journalism and our obvious lack of advertising and sponsors, as well as free food, including little cocktail weenies, trail mix and green olives.


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