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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

High hopes

There's no way we can keep up with the frenzied chatter surrounding the grand unveiling of OSM, so we won't even try.

But here are a few recent highlights from lizard-land, showing where they think OSM is headed:

I hope the new media kicks ass and puts the enemy (The MSM) out of business.

OSMOMG. The dinos won't even know what hit 'em until the tar sucks them down completely, which is exactly as it should be.

Heh. I also think OSM will have something that old news sources like AP and Reuters don't...standards.

I can envision, without too much of a stretch, OSM shaping opinions (and election results) in ways that all the Soros- moveon- ACT Now ACT Up ACT Stupid dollars haven't and never will. Talk about your ultimate "speaking truth to power!" It's a beautiful thing.

I wonder if this venture will widen the gap between mean people and good folks. As long as the pursuit of the truth remains a guiding principle, and not the pursuit of celebrity and other non-productive attributes, it should resonate with a large, influential chunk of the nation's demographic. Look who's not participating: the cynical and the shrill, bombastic meltdown artists shouting "Lies Lies Lies," attention seekers, scammers, and "Screw Them" types. The good guys will prevail, it's the natural order of things. Good luck to everyone who plays a part in it.

Ah yes, Michelle Malkin -- Mrs. Sweetness and Light herself.

And my favorite:
It does appear, though, that most of the editorial staff is left of center.

Not sure what this person means by "editorial staff," but here's their "editorial advisory board":

Glenn Reynolds, Chair
Michael Barone
Austin Bay
Adam Bellow
Tim Blair
Tammy Bruce
Marc Cooper
David Corn
Richard Fernandez
Jose Guardia
Jane Hall
Larry Kudlow
Michael Ledeen
Clifford May
John Podhoretz
Claudia Rosett
Mark Steyn

I suppose that whether "most" of this list of people could be considered "left of center" depends on your own personal definition of the terms "most," "left," and "center."

By my count, there are only two bona-fide, card-carrying lefties on it. Or am I just being too "mean"?

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