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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Guilt by association

Although tarring entire groups based on the actions of a few individuals is a highly Johnsonian concept, we're not above it ourselves.

To wit:

Those who were fretting that Pajamas Media might not be quite enough of a non-stop propaganda outlet for the right-wing élite must have been delighted by this week's news that Clifford May was joining the PajamaCorp stable. In addition to being a regular contributor to National Review Online, whose John Podhoretz is also a Pajamazoid (this is all getting a bit cozy, isn't it?), he is a leading luminary of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a Washington "think" tank whose inspiring name belies the fact that it's just another ultra-right-wing pundit factory. (K Street maxim: the more innocuous a think tank's name is, the more virulent its policy statements are likely to be.)

The FDD, whose Claudia Rosett is also a PJM blogebrity (this is all getting a bit chummy, isn't it?), has a new blog*, and among May's latest entries is a paean to some comments made by Gary Bauer. Bauer, in addition to being one of May's FDD colleagues (this is all getting a bit incestuous, isn't it?), is an ultra-reactionary religious zealot who is perhaps best known for his work with the Family Research Council, an organization dedicated to imposing government controls on Americans' genitalia. He's currently dispensing anti-choice, anti-gay, and anti-peace propaganda under the aegis of the Campaign for American Family Values or the Center for Valued Working American Families or something. (He has a blog, too.)

So that's who Clifford May, who is now in bed with Charles, is in bed with.

And let's not even get started on VDare.

*Which, even though it's associated with an organization that bills itself as "non-partisan," has none of FDD's non-reactionary members on its list of bloggers -- every single one of whom has also written for National Review Online, the Washington Times, or both. How cozily, chummily incestuous.

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