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Friday, November 18, 2005

Get me rewrite!

Those are words you'll probably never hear at an "OSM™ Staff" gathering.

Case in point:

In fact, the Republican members of the Senate took a drubbing all over the blogopshere this week.  The Huston Conservative accused them of "playing 3 Card Monte with pork spending" in their last-minute budget wrangling over the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" project in Alaska. And Dymphna, blogging at Gates of Vienna, calls the senate a "gang of invertebrates" for voting for SA 2815, the National Defense Authorization Act. 

Dannyboy's Blog sums up the general malaise infecting the blogosphere[...]

What's wrong with this passage? Let us count the ways:

  1. "Blogopshere"

  2. "Huston"

  3. Their amazing presumptuousness in speaking for the entire "blogopshere"

  4. Twice. I've only checked a couple dozen leftie blogs, but I sure haven't been finding much malaise over on the left side of the aisle.

  5. Note the link for "Dannyboy's Blog." It doesn't go anywhere, because it's a local link within the OSM™ site, to a page that doesn't even exist. However, the links to "Gates of Vienna" and "Huston [sic] Conservative" go to their respective blogs. Why?

Well, I could go on and on, but that would -- like OSM™ itself -- quickly grow boring. So I'll leave you with the following question:

OSM™ is using an open-source CMS (oh, the irony!). They're also using -- excuse me, "strategerically partnering with" -- an existing service for their news feeds (see that "KRT News" link at the top of the article -- and while you're at it, notice the target URL). It goes to a copyrighted Chicago Tribune article. Why didn't they just refer to it in their "lede graf," as they say in the journo biz, as a Tribune piece? I'm sure they had their reasons.

My point being, they probably haven't spent much of that $3.5 mil on programming.

So why can't they afford a copy editor?

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Benjamin said...

"General malaise infecting the blogosphere" is not only presumptious but also very clumsy. Why is the blogosphere "infected" with a "general malaise"? Malaise suggests some sort of illness or dysfunction, which is far too strong.