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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Charles gets a swirlie

After the initial teasing, and the relentless foreplay of the past few months, and the climactic events of last Wednesday, some lizards still haven't quite achieved orgOSM:

#141 foreign devil 11/19/2005 12:02PM PST

#129 amir:

I've been reluctant to comment on OSM because I didn't really know what to say but here goes. The home page doesn't inspire me at all. Yes there are links from different blogs covering the post but there's not very many posts and the links don't give you a 'taste' of the other blog's 'take' on the post. I hit three links yesterday on one subject and three out of three where [sic] lefties. What gives?

I was not impressed and though I haven't taken it off my's only a matter of time. I would not think of going there FIRST if I wanted to know something.

Even the lovely Pamela appears to be having doubts:
#152 AtlasShrugged 11/19/2005 12:18PM PST

the OSM thing

think the name thing is a blessing

not sure how hard they have to work to "save the name" but frankly they ought [not]* to work too hard, it's not visually sleek, smart, - it looks like some sanitary napkin ad w/that logo
what up with the teal? - horrible color

don't think that name is worth fighting for (or paying for) - name change will garner huge publicity (albeit negative) but so what? Wolcott showed me even bad publicity is good.(!)

stick to what we are
say what we are and keep it simple
Sound professional, look professional but something that stands for a bloggers
at worst - uh, PJM

hard to remember open source, i keep calling it out source and the open sore thing

These observations are part of a thread in which toilets are also discussed.


(For our non-U.S. readers who may not know what a "swirlie" is, here you go.)

* The word "not" was added by Pamela in a later post (#155)

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SubHu12 said...

Pamela, LGF's resident neo-con party girl, was waxing ecstatic on Thursday.

Now she has doubts.

OSM is fracked.