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Monday, November 07, 2005


In a development sure to warm the hearts of Europhobes everywhere, last night five cars were burned near Brussels' main railway station.

Though the following bit will surely annoy them:

According to police, there were no confrontations between youths and police. There were a few groups of young people walking around, but the situation remained calm.

The same article also provides evidence of yet another "root cause" for the violence in France: namely, the eeeevil MSM.
On Sunday evening, police helicopters with searchlights flew over Paris, looking for arsonists who were fleeing on scooters. Some youths told TV interviewers that a sort of competition had developed between gangs from different suburbs to see who could get the most media attention

One of France's largest Islamic groups has issued a fatwa against rioting after officials suggested Muslim militants could be partly to blame for violent protests scarring poor neighborhoods around the country.

The Union of French Islamic Organizations (UOIF) quoted the Koran and the Prophet Mohammad to back up the religious edict condemning the disorder and destruction the unrest caused.

Many rioters are of North African Arab and black African descent and assumed to be Muslims. Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and other officials have hinted Islamist militants may be manipulating angry teenagers to defy the French state.

Muslim residents in the rundown suburbs say rioters' anger is more about unemployment and discrimination than religion.

So. Either this is an "intifada" -- in which case we should expect all those devout Muslim car-burners to cease and desist, shouldn't we? -- or it isn't.

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