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Saturday, November 19, 2005

ATM Media Update

The exciting, splashy, pithy, reader-interest-piquing headline right now is "At this moment...". There follows a fascinating, compelling, paradigm-smashing one-sentence blurb about the House vote yesterday, accompanied by the breathtaking and staggeringly unexpected news that some bloggers wrote about it.

In related news, this morning the sun rose in the east.

And we're sure that Charles' saurian horde will be absolutely delighted when they click through the link to The Politics Blog only to discover an article entitled, "All I Want For Christmas Is Impeachment," in which Our Leader is described as "an unmitigated catastrophe."

But back to that stunningly well-crafted headline, "At This Moment...". We'll grant that our headline-writing skills aren't necessarily world-class, but c'mon. Besides, what "moment" are we talking about? November 18th is, like, so yesterday. The lack of a timestamp is a puzzling oversight for an organization that boasts about its global reach and its commitment to becoming the news source of record.

Anyway, that headline suggests a possible alternative name for OSM™ Media, in the increasingly likely event that they decide to change their name -- again. ATM Media has a nice ring to it, and appears ever more apt, in light of the enormous cash infusion they've received in order to produce -- well, nothing much so far, despite having had several months to prepare. (But first they should make sure that Lord Black hasn't already trademarked it.)

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