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Friday, October 28, 2005

We get mail

A seriously deranged LGFer, not content with fabricating allegations against us (in this case, that we are somehow responsible for a flood of comment spam on another site, which he refuses to identify), now wants to send us all to the poorhouse! (Identities have been obscured, but spelling and grammar are as in the original.)

"The attacks on [name withheld] are nothing but retaliatory strikes against his constant ridicule of your site which is packed with nothing but slanderous lies anyway. You know your little buddies are responsible, you just think I can't prove that. You just dont know.

Be pissed off that now Charles Johnson has names to attach to the law suits Im certain he will be filing against [the three of us] (haha, right).

I know where the attacks against [name withheld] on our site are coming from. By the time Im done all of you will be identified and named. When Charles settles out of court for all your lifetime earnings, along with all the money of all your little hallucinating buddies, I wont take a damn dime in reward.

Filthy trash like you and your little buddies are the bad side effect of free speech. Frothy headed crosstalk banter mimicking with all your might the conscious people who actually understand life and reality. You attack like you think your covert. Its a new world. You aint.

Oooh, scary.

When asked to identify the site that was allegedly victimized by the Vast LGF Watch Conspiracy, and to provide proof (in the form of IP addresses, for example), my correspondent replied as follows:

"You need to call your little buddies off. I dont know how it is that you cant see that? Judging by your work at lgf watch, an attachment to reality isnt one of your strong points. Go back to indymedia and work your weak mojo there. Out here in the real world honest folks have no need for shit stains like you.

And you can stop emailing me. Spend that time tugging the leash back on all your little buddies. Or dont. Thats all on you.

OK then. I don't honestly know who he means by "all my little buddies," but if anyone reading this is responsible for committing acts of mayhem on other sites: please don't. LGF Watch does not engage in, or condone, comment spam attacks. Anyone doing so in our name, or in the name of any of us individually, or by impersonating people who happen to be blogrolled on one of our other websites (and yes, this has happened), should stop right away.

Or else we'll sue you, and we'll kidnap your dog, and we'll sell your sister to an Omani sheik.

So there.

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