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Saturday, October 15, 2005

We are not alone

We here at the LGF Watch Editorial Board are not the only LGF watchers out there. We regularly discover, and occasionally post, items from other bloggers who are just as concerned as we are about what people like Charles Johnson are doing to the discourse.

Which brings us to an excellent post on a blog called "The S.N.A.F.U. Principle," about the tawdry P.R. stunt Our Leader pulled last week and the desperate desire of the LGF Borg to avoid facing the reality that it was, well, a tawdry P.R. stunt.

LGF is a wonder filled sugar coated world where they dramatically cover their eyes and shout "I can't see you! Can you see me?" and then proceed to prove their non-point by avoiding any pesky facts or physical reality ("I can't see you, that means I can't hear you!"), conveniently ignoring facts that contradict their narrow view ("What hands? I can't see any hands covering my eyes. It's too dark.") and generally offering diversionary logical fallacies ("You're a crazy Moonbat and as such you think that hands covering the eyes means we can't see you, but we see you with our minds!") which their dutiful readers swallow whole like starved chicks in a nest perched upon the craggy rocks of reality.

It is at its heart a site run by trolls, for trolls. And, it is rather extraordinary in that regard. It is always humbling visiting LGF and seeing the daily parade of proof that there is apparently no shortage of persons stupendously ignorant enough to willingly fill the ranks, undying in their allegience to ideology before reality.

Rather than deal with facts, they simply obscure the facts, or better, taint the facts with their own special home grown blend of Blame the MSM.

Which isn't a bad hobby all in all, media watching. It's near and dear to my heart as well. Thing is, more often than not, they get it wrong. It's almost always entirely intentional. I simply can't bring myself to think they are really entirely that stupid.

Okay. I can.

We couldn't have said it any better ourselves.

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