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Monday, October 31, 2005

The new élite

Jack Grant, of the centrist blog "Random Fate," is not a big fan of the Roger & Charlie Show.

Not a big fan at all.

In fact, he's quite irate:

the complete lack of communication for months before informing me there was a change in the business model and I was not one of the weblogs that “made the cut” does not exactly warm my heart towards your launch of the “New ‘Citizen Journalism’ News Service” given that you essentially shit on most of the citizen journalists (at least 230, given I received a congratulatory email for being weblog #300 to sign up and you only accepted 70…).

So, explain to me exactly how this new elite is different from the old elite?

Well, for one thing, the new élite seems to think they can build a new revolutionary infopinion empire on the strength of a little bitty ordinal indicator (a nice crisp €10 note says their logo will have a giant "th" on it).

If this is how Pajamas Media is treating their would-be content providers, how must their advertisers (whoever they are) be feeling right now?

We think Pajamas Media is doomed, for reasons we'll explore in another post. In the meantime, check out what this former PJM insider has to say. Wow.

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