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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hoist with his own petard

Oh, Arnold. How could it come to this?

A California physician launched an effort to gather a million signatures to force a recall vote on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who came to office two years ago following an unprecedented recall.

Kenneth Matsumura announced the campaign prior to submitting a petition to California's Secretary of State, who oversees elections.

"People are desperate, they're suffering, and I think the governor's going to have to listen," he told reporters, saying Schwarzenegger has hurt the poor and students.

"The task at first seemed daunting but in the last week the number of hits to our Web site at '' has been really overwhelming."

Back in the day, Charles and most of his lizards enthusiastically applauded the turfing-out of Democratic Governor Gray Davis -- which, to their deluded minds, was nothing less than a "tectonic shift" marking the beginning of the end of Democratic dominance in California. Now that Schwarzenegger's approval ratings are even lower than those of Our Leader, will Charles (a) ignore the situation; (b) leap to his defense; or (c) haughtily denounce the entire recall process as a perversion of democracy?

He'll most likely select option (a), unless the petition drive succeeds, in which case he'll rapidly switch to plan (d): namely, blaming Arnold's potential downfall on nefarious conspiracy theories involving the eeevil MSM (especially the L.A. Times), the unions, MEChA, and Jesse Jackson, which will provide a nice counterpoint to the quite plausible allegations involving the demise of Gray Davis, whose popularity was fatally wounded by an energy crisis orchestrated by companies with ties to Schwarzenegger himself.

It's far too early to speculate on the outcome of Dr. Matsumura's efforts, but if Schwarzenegger does end up following his predecessor into political oblivion, we will gleefully repeat the words of LGF commenter andreaSF (#45), who, on Election Night 2003, remarked:
The citizens of California have finally gotten up on their hind legs and said ENOUGH! And as the state of CA goes, so does the nation.

On to 2006!

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