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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Garbage in, garbage out

Yesterday Charles posted some horrifying survey results which show 37% of respondents to a Turkish poll favoring the death penalty for female adulterers.

In his own words:

In a new survey by a Turkish university, almost 40% said a woman who commits adultery deserves to be murdered.

However, a number of lizards proceeded to fact-check Charles' ass, by pointing out that the survey was conducted in Diyarbakir, a poor, conservative, devout -- and, incidentally, heavily Kurdish city (and aren't the Kurds officially our friends now?) -- and is thus not representative of Turkish public opinion as a whole.

This person said it a whole lot better:
#93 evaneinwindir 10/19/2005 11:17AM PDT

Yet another post regarding Turkey that is completely devoid of any context. Diyarbakir is the largest city in southeastern Turkey, and is largely Kurdish and conservative. To look at the views of a single university in Kurdistan as representative of the Turkish public opinion on the issue of honor killings is the same as conducting a poll on abortion at Liberty University and citing the results as representative of American public opinion.

It's obviously too much to expect Charles to issue a clarification of his typically disinformative little blurb, but the really unfortunate thing about what Charles does is his malign influence over so many others who can't be bothered to do their own research -- or, it seems, their own thinking, because they simply parroted the official Lizard Line, completely devoid of any context.

Here's one example.

And another.

And another.

And another (with special extra double bonus points for the headline, "Moderate Muslims?", which deftly combines two favorite LGF themes: the timeworn myth of the "myth of the 'moderate Muslim'", and the mystical power of the question mark as a sort of rhetorical "Get Out Of Jail Free" card)

This is what they think ought to replace the mainstream media.

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