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Saturday, October 15, 2005

A few good men

The U.S. Marine Corps is aggressively recruiting Americans who speak Arabic.

Barbara "Bobbie" Mercer got a letter from General W.E. Gaskin, the commanding general of Marine Corps recruiting.

It says: "Now is the time to put your unique language skills to the test as a member of the United States Marine Corps. Your command of the Arabic language will be invaluable..."

The letter came to the Mercer home on Capitol Hill late last month. It's a home where the password is peace and peace messages are on display.

"He wanted to recruit me for my skill in the Arabic language," she said. "I don't speak Arabic. I learned a little French but my accent is terrible."

The general thought she did. He urged Mercer to seize the opportunity to defend our nation and spread the message of freedom.

Her reaction: "Well, I just thought they were pretty desperate for wanting an 85-year-old."

Has Michael Brown been put in charge of USMC recruitment, or what?

And why are the Marines going after peace-loving little old ladies, when there are so very many peace-hating young men and women who are perfectly eligible to serve?

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