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Friday, October 14, 2005

Dean's list

Dean Esmay, who happens to be one of the Pajamas Media stable of respectable yet "raffish" bloggers,
makes some observations that Charles Johnson and the LGF Borg won't like one bit:

There is a belief in widespread circulation, mostly spread by conservative pundits and general hawks (Mark Steyn and the Little Green Footballs crew spring immediately to mind) that Islam is an inherently intolerant, slavery-oriented religion incompatible with democratic pluralism. The picture they paint is often of a dying West allowing the growing cancer of Islam to spread, with liberalism having weakened us to the point where we no recognize the threat or have the will to fight it.

If this picture is true, we should be seriously considering forbidding any muslims to immigrate, and looking with suspicion on all muslims within our borders.

It is, however, untrue. By objective, scientific measure.

He supports this thesis by delving into statistics that show no particular correlation between the quality of democracy in already-democratic nations, and the size of their Muslim populations.

All of which probably goes to explain why Esmay doesn't link to LGF in his blogroll, or vice versa. It also nicely illustrates the fact that our original assumptions about Pajamas Media were wrong: it isn't going to be an echo chamber for the radical regressives after all, although the list of "top bloggers" mentioned thus far does have a discernible right/"libertarian" tilt.

As ever, we'll simply have to wait and see how the diversity of opinion within the PJ Media Editorial Board plays out in practice. Another thing we're eagerly awaiting, as are many PJ Media affiliates, is the appearance of PJ Media blog ads, "testing" of which according to the announcements page was supposed to have started a couple of weeks ago. We haven't seen any sign of this yet, though to be honest we haven't been looking especially hard. Of course, we're also on tenterhooks waiting for the grand gala unveiling of PajamaCorp's new name in a little over a month.

Maybe by then they'll have figured out just what the online thingie soon to be known as the venture formerly known as PajamasMedia is for.

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