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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Breaking: Sanity spotted at LGF

Yes, you heard right. Sanity is breaking out all over, at least in the comments section to Charles' recent post about yesterday's constitutional referendum in Iraq.

Leading the way is commenter "Yanqui in Europe," whose comment at #59 reads as follows:

[O]n this question we *are* on the same side as the Muslims and the "people of color".

Unfortunately there are a number of LGF commenters who don't see this. Let's face it, there are a *lot* of anti-Islam comments here. If any of our Iraqi allies read some of the comments here, which paint Islam as an enemy ideology, talk about desecrating the Koran, etc. (or use nicks like "religion of bacon"!), I think they'd be more than a bit offended.

I hope more LGF readers will indeed realize that we *are* on the same side as the Iraqi Muslims, that virtually all of our allies there are Muslims, and that there are millions of Muslims -- not all of them Iraqis -- who hate the al-Qaeda-inspired terrorist groups just as much as we do, and who have suffered from their actions much more than we have (such as the thousands of Iraqis killed in bombings so far).

Why anyone reading this site would think we're at war with Islam is beyond me.

Let there never be another LGF comment claiming that all Muslims are terrorist sympathizers, that "moderate Muslims" don't exist, or anything else of the like.

Well, good luck with that. It's pretty clear to us that the myth of "the myth of the 'moderate Muslim'" will prove to be a fairly durable one.

As for the constitutional referendum, we shouldn't even have to say that the vote was a Good Thing. But apparently we do. So: the vote was a Good Thing. Whether the constitution itself, if approved, will also turn out to be a Good Thing (particularly where the rights of women and secular-minded Iraqis are concerned) is an open question.

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