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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Another watcher

We've just come across another 'watch' site that might interest some of you: CoulterWatch. As its title suggests, it's dedicated to dissecting the pensées of the shrieking Medusa known as Ann Coulter, who is a sort of life-size talking "Gestapo Barbie" doll for the basement-dwelling orange-keyboard crowd.

What's especially noteworthy about CoulterWatch is that it discusses her from a conservative perspective -- a Christian conservative perspective, no less. It's run by a guy called Daniel Borchers, who bills himself as a "principled conservative," which is not actually an oxymoron.

We won't be adding CoulterWatch to our blogroll -- not because it's a conservative site, but because the content thus far is (much like Coulter herself) quite thin, and, somewhat annoyingly, almost all in PDF form. And besides, there are plenty of other places to get your anti-Ann fix.

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