Little Green Footballs

Friday, September 02, 2005

Two little words

"Thank you."

That is the appropriate response to offers of aid, no matter how paltry.

And it's our response to LGFer 'TenRing,' who posted the following at #43 in response to some truly loathsome reptilian snarkage:

1. Um, none of [the countries offering aid] are superpowers with our abundance;
2. When people offer help, have the grace to say "Thank you" and accept it;
3. Remember the African village and the 20 cows - they give what they have.

As any lizard will tell you, the U.S. is the richest, most powerful country that has ever existed. It's a point of pride with many Americans that "even our poor people are fat," as is the fact that the Americans use many times more energy per capita than any other country -- which means our economy kicks ass!

And still, many of the impoverished, emaciated, powerless people of the world outside America want to help America.

They're only human.

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