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Monday, September 05, 2005

Even more BDS

BDS ("Bush Derangement Syndrome") is popping up in the strangest places.

Here's yet another victim spouting off against FEMA head Michael Brown, who was, of course, appointed by Our Leader:

""It took four days to begin a large-scale evacuation of people stranded in the Superdome stadium and to bring in significant amounts of food and water to an American city easily accessible by motorway," the Observer notes. "Relief agencies took half that time to reach Indonesia after the Boxing Day tsunami. "

Although the delay was not entirely the fault of the Bush Administration, Brown's complacency clearly didn't help. And his bumbling statements after the hurricane struck have not inspired confidence.

This is not the time to give a weak performer the benefit of the doubt. The FEMA director's role in the ongoing recovery effort is too important to be entrusted to a clueless political hack with such poor judgment.

Rather than praise Michael Brown, Bush should fire him.

But you see, Michelle, that would amount to an admission of error, and that's something that Our Leader simply cannot do. Even though the appointment of Michael Brown, who is patently unqualified to head the nation's main disaster relief agency, was a classic case of Bushian cronyism at its very worst.

Now that his distinguished fellow traveler Michelle Malkin has piled on, will Charles follow suit?

Nah. Operation Cover George's Ass is far too important. Besides, he has would-be rescuers to mock.

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