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Friday, September 09, 2005

Distributed idiocy

Here's one of the silliest instances of rampant paranoia we've seen at LGF in a long time:

The lizards have been driven into a shrieking, murderous frenzy over the proposed design of the Flight 93 memorial in Pennsylvania.


Because it's arc-shaped. And an arc, in the context of the Global Thingie Against Whatever, in whose name those brave passengers on Flight 93 martyred themselves, can signify one thing and one thing only: A Muslim crescent!

Never mind that lots of things are arc-shaped. The letter "C," for instance. Perhaps the LGFers, in keeping with their pretensions to gangsta-ness as described below, will start replacing it with some other letter (cf. the Bloods of L.A. gang lore, or, for a less distasteful but more obscure parallel, Mr. Smoke-Too-Much from the Travel Agent Sketch).

Bome to think of it, this might explain bertain lizards' antipathy toward the Ameriban Red Bross, as opposed to the Salvation Army, whose name doesn't bontain that evil letter.

But anyway, here, conveniently summarized by LGFer "zombie," is an illustration of the lizardoid "thought" process at work:

Charles, and other cutting-edge bloggers: PLEASE take note of several key posts in this thread. This story could be big:

#130 maximus delirious points out the memorial is funded by the Heinz Foundation, part of the Teresa Heinz Kerry empire

#76 Rayra gives contact info for the Memorial Committee

#60 zombie gives contact info for Paul Murdoch

#125 beetee gives contact info for the top Pennsylvania politicians

#55 Merovign points out the basic flaw of the design in stark terms

#81 wanumba notes that even the star in the Islamic crescent in in the design

#104 jcm links to an article showing that Muslims themselves consider the crescent to symbolize Islam in any context

#29 zombie reveals an anti-Bush blog comment that may have been made by Paul Murdoch

#115 Rayra shows that the parameters of the memorial's crescent matches the traditional Islamic parameters.

Put this all together and you've got the makings for a major story. The LGF minions have done all the legwork for you. Now put it all together in a nice package and make this into something the media can't ignore.

The power of distributed intelligence!

"Distributed," no doubt. But "intelligence" isn't a word that leaps to mind.

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