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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The "C" word

BDS ("Bush Derangement Syndrome") claims another victim:

America's failure to conserve energy is a disgrace. And the Bush administration has done little to encourage conservation.

This country uses 25 percent of all the world's oil as we hop around in gas-guzzling cars and generally waste energy all day long. We have to stop that. There's no question in my mind that OPEC and the oil companies are gouging us simply because they can.

So let's buy less gas. In fact, let's buy no gas on Sundays. The USA should have a gas-free Sundays campaign between now and Christmas. None of us should buy gas on our day of rest.

The oil companies and OPEC only make money when we buy their stuff. If we cut back even 10 percent on energy buying, they'll get hurt. Let's all do it. If we don't, the national economy will totter and we'll all be poorer.

The eye-rolling response from the lizard lair is almost audible. Just more ranting from an America-hating environazi ooiiiiilllllll-obssessed L3 nutcase, right?

Well, yes. I mean the "nutcase" part. However, the rest of those descriptors clearly don't apply to Bill O'Reilly.

The last time we dared to breathe the "C" word -- "conservation" -- we were roundly ridiculed by victims of that other kind of BDS (Bush Deification Syndrome). And Charles Johnson is far too busy with Operation Cover George's Ass to bother suggesting to his vast readership that maybe using less fucking oil might not be such a bad idea at a time when so much of America's oil production and refining capacity has been knocked offline, and it's having to import oil from Europe.

So the lizards will soon be back to boasting about how much fuel their vehicles burn. They simply don't know any better.

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