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Thursday, August 04, 2005

No surrender

Charles quotes London Mayor Ken Livingstone:

London Mayor Red Ken Livingstone outlines "three ways to make us all safer:” “support the police,” treat Muslims with respect, and surrender in Iraq.

But that's not what he said. The actual sub-head to his Guardian piece reads like this:
Support the police, treat Muslims with respect and pull out of Iraq.

Now, I'm sure had Charles had his reasons for misrepresenting Red Ken's words -- not that his commenters, several of whom are calling for Red Ken's death (classy!) need any extra encouragement. But there's a vast difference between merely "pulling out," and "surrendering." For one thing, to whom does Charles think we'd be "surrendering" if the troops were pulled out? Iraq has a sovereign government, with its own police force and army, does it not? The Iraqi government, as currently constituted, is allied with the U.S. and Britain, is it not?

Will Charles also be describing the upcoming withdrawal of Israeli civilians and troops from Gaza as a "surrender"?

Whatever you call it, "pullout" or "surrender," removing all foreign troops from Iraq right now would be a bad idea. But that still doesn't excuse Charles' twisting Livingstone's words.

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