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Thursday, August 25, 2005

The culture of life

The entertaining little scandalette surrounding Pat Robertson's summoning His Heavenly Hitmen to Caracas is reaching its sell-by date, but before it does, here's what the excellent Mike Gerber has to say about it:

I thought, "Wait a sec. Pat Robertson, as much as I despise him, has probably read the Bible a lot more closely than I have. I'd better check my sources before going off half-cocked." As we all know, most people who read this blog are highly devout fundamentalist Christians, as well as real sticklers for accuracy.

So I skimmed through the New Testament, and you know what? Robertson's right! Christ is constantly offing people, usually for political gain. The dude's a one-man killing machine. "For He so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten sniper." "Blessed are the hitmen." "Do unto others, but cover your tracks, to minimize blowback." The whole thing reads like a study packet from The School of the Americas.

(Go see this Horsey cartoon too.)

And for those who question our absolute commitment to First Amendment rights, in light of the preceding post as well as the increasing calls (with which this writer doesn't agree, insofar as his antics discredit the entire right-wing élite) for Robertson to lose his bully pulpit, we have just two little words:

Eason Jordan.

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