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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Vox populi

Yesterday, Marc Cooper posted the following delightful anecdote:

I was sitting at a diner counter over dinner when the crew cut young man on my left caught me reading the L.A. Times and then struck up a discussion with me.

"Are you from around here?" he asked.

"No, I'm from L.A."

"Oh, I thought so. You doing some work up here?

"Yes," I said. "I'm a reporter. I'm doing some work on farm workers."

"A reporter? The media's too liberal for me," he said in a friendly tone. "Except for Fox News. I watch that a lot."

"Some of my best friends appear on Fox," I said not altogether untruthfully.

"I'm real, real conservative," he said. "This is why," he added snapping open his wallet and showing me his military I.D.

"You on rotation out of Iraq?" I asked.

"No. I'm in the National Guard. But I've got a sleeping disorder that keeps me from being sent to Baghdad. I'd like to go...really. But they won't send me."

I took a sip on my Coke and nodded my head.

"I pretty much support George W. Bush," my new friend continued. "I support much everything he's about..."

A pause.

And then he added, "Except that damn fat-ass Karl Rove. I hate that guy. Turning in a CIA agent. He's not worth what it would take to get rid of him, that bastard. I hate him as much as that damn Michael Moore."

"Can I buy you a beer?" I asked with a smile.

"Sure can," he said. "It was 109 in the shade today."

Marc Cooper is a member of the Pajamas Media editorial board.

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Doug said...

I was sitting in a KFC enjoying my Hillary Clinton special, two very small breasts, two very large thighs and one left wing, when a man with very long hair and a beard sitting beside me, reading the Cairo Times struck up a conversation.

“You from these here parts?” I asked

“Death to all Zionist pigs and monkeys, Allah Ackbar! No, I’m from Dearborn, Michigan.” he said.

“Reckoned that much.” I said. “Doing some work up here?

“Yes, I’m into fertilizer, ricin…, er, chemicals and I am learning to fly crop dusters.

“I’m open minded brutha, right on! Speak truth to power! Death to Bushitler McChimpyHalliburton and the Zionist Neocon cabal.” I said.

“Can I buy you a beer?

A pause.

He took out a scimitar, cut my throat, held up my decapitated head shouting “Alllaaaaaah Ackbar!

“You hurt my feelings.”

A card carrying ACLU lawyer rushed up and offered the offended insurgent his card.

"I will protect you until my last dying breath from the Bushitler Neocon ChimpyMcHalliburton Partiot Acting Zionist Cabal!

"I will oblige you my friend." the stranger said.

He sawed off the lawyers head.