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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tour de Lance

As a public service to those who might be perusing LGF for news of the Tour de France, about which Charles has said nothing since last Saturday, here is a brief update.

To summarize: despite not having won any stages thus far, Lance Armstrong retains the yellow jersey and is on course to win a mind-boggling seventh consecutive Tour de France -- which will also be his last, since he plans to retire after tomorrow's triumphant ride down the Champs-Elysées.

Of course, we'd be remiss in our LGF-watching duties if we failed to offer speculation as to why Charles is paying so little attention to the Tour this year, compared to previous years. Ordinarily he never misses a chance to boost Lance, because doing so usually also means bashing the French or other Europeans; but this time around he's been strangely silent.

One LGFer was kind enough to provide a possible explanation for Charles' cooling ardor:

83 AlexM 7/12/2005 11:30AM PDT

GO LANCE! (for now)

I don't think I'll like him as much when he runs for governor of Texas as a Democrat in a few years, as he's hinted that he wants to. Sheryl Crowe as Texas's first lady--poised, perhaps, to become THE first lady after that. Makes me ill.

Only time will tell if this suspicion is justified. But if Charles & Co. do decide to consign Lance Armstrong -- the greatest cyclist of all time, and arguably the greatest athlete alive today, who has overcome incredible odds and represented his country with immense grace, power, and humility -- to unpersonhood if he actually does become a politically active Democrat, it'll provide further evidence that LGF is little more than a GOP echo chamber.

[UPDATE, 16.19 GMT: Lance won stage 20. Still no word from Charles...]


Iron Fist's Cat said...

Interesting how submissive the "minions" are they dare not even mention Lance, while kow-towing to Chuckies biking adventures every week.

Electronic Occupation said...

One thing's for sure. If Armstrong doesn't run for governor of Texas, he'll be spending a lot of time eating Crow.

Pablo said...

Of course, we'd be remiss in our LGF-watching duties if we failed to offer speculation

Wow. You're awfully self-important for a noob, aren't you?

You're remiss in your LGF Watching duties for not saying anything about Hamas idiocy or Gitmo hunger strikes.

Eventually, you may get the hang of the whole watching thing. Learn to walk before you try to run, ok?

Electronic Occupation said...

I TRIPLE GUARANTEE you that Charles won't post anything about Lance Armstrong.

/Baghdad Bob /LGF Watch stooge