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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A survivor's tale

"BK" is a survivor of the King's Cross tube attack. She's been sharing her experiences on Urban75. Her uncompromising reaction to those who carried out the attacks is sure to bring joy to the hearts of lizardoids everywhere:

That is the aim of terrorism, to cause terror. Most of London couldn't see the bombs as they were underground, the bus I think was there to provide a TV-friendly moment of carnage, pictures to drive the message home, the iconic red bus in bits, and the immediate thought 'that happens in Beirut and Jerusalem, not London'.

Well the murderous death-fetishists can fuck off. How they think frightening people is going to lead to the achievement of their aims of an Islamic Fundementalist state?

They know it won't. It can however work to their advantage by stirring up race and faith hatred, and thus recruiting more nihilistic young fools to their death-cult.

Or maybe not [emphasis added]:

The best way to defeat them is thus to go to work on the tube, to dress and work how I want as a woman, to enjoy the rich social life that London offers, to have no fear of other cultures or creeds, but only to be wary of the hate-filled, the nihilstic, the furiously angry who won't listen or engage.

By which last I mean fundementalist anyone; not just Death-cult 'Moslems'. Frothing right wingers, implacable Born-Agains, 'fucktha police and politicians' anarchists, the whole fucking lot. Don't presume that you fight your 'cause', your 'wars' for me and others on that train. You don't.

I want life, not death, peace, not war, multiculture not monoculture, multitheism not monotheism, and the police and tube staff and emergency services to be left alone to do their jobs without dealing with idiots.

Incidentally, her diary has been picked up by the BBC, which -- shock! horror! has been censoring her posts -- mainly by taking out all the naughty words. They also took all the sting out of her post about an interview request from the Mail on Sunday:

I should have thought that anyone who'd read that would see I have no interest in appearing in a paper that peddles race-hate. And slags off Ken Livingstone, whose speech was inspirational.

And what I and the other survivors are trying to do is get on with our lives. Not wheel out made-up feel good women's magazine bollocks to make Tory housewives feel good in Cheshire...

There you go. Just another appeasing Eurabian dhimmi appeaser, blah blah blah.

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