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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Supporting our troops



When VA Secretary Anthony J. Principi resigned last year it took everyone in the veteran community by surprise. Principi had all the qualifications: he is a staunch Republican, has a background in healthcare, and has the incredible ability to always say “yes” to the Bush Administration.

What happened? Principi stopped saying “yes” and wanted more funding for the VA, and the White House didn't. Insiders say he was forced out to make room for someone who would toe the Administration line. Jim Nicholson replaced Principi as VA Secretary. Nicholson's only qualifications: being Chairman of the Republican National Committee and Ambassador to the Vatican.

The insiders appear to be right, because just a few days before his resignation, Principi gave an interview to his hometown newspaper outlining his plans for the VA for the next four years. Later we learned he asked for $1.2 billion for VA healthcare and didn't get it.

Now come new revelations about what happens when you push for more VA funding. Syndicated columnist Robert Novak gives us an interesting look into the demise of Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), former Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs.

Novak, by anyone's definition an arch-conservative, has stinging words for the Bush Administration in his column, “GOP: The Price of Being Right.” His basic thesis is: step out of line and pay the price.

Rep. Smith was always considered a friend of veterans, but was known to lock horns with Republican leadership when he pushed for more VA funding. He was unceremoniously removed from his Chairmanship and replaced with Rep. Steve Buyer (R-IN), who has shown himself to be no friend of veterans.

What we now know is that both Principi and Rep. Smith were right. The VA is terribly underfunded, especially the healthcare portion of the budget. And, the Bush Administration has had to do an about-face and deal with that reality.


Not only does the GOP sacrifice their own who disagree with the Party, they completely ignore legitimate legislative efforts from the opposition. The hard work of Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA) and many other Democrats to fully fund the VA have been consistently voted down on party lines.

The sad part of all of this is that veterans end up paying the price. No matter what compromises are reached on VA healthcare funding, the dollar figure will fall far short of what is needed to treat all qualified veterans.

Every day more veterans come into the VA system. More than one million troops have cycled through Iraq and Afghanistan. Studies show at least 30 percent of those troops will have PTSD issues. Add to that the wounded and injured, and you have a patient load the VA cannot possibly handle without proper funding.

It's time for veterans to realize that partisan politics must be put aside when it comes to VA funding. As the politicians argue about who did what to whom and what amount is the right amount, veterans are waiting for healthcare. Some of those veterans never get the healthcare. Some of those veterans die.

Former VA Secretary Principi, well before he was removed from office, gave all veterans the call to arms. Principi said, "History is littered with governments destabilized by masses of veterans who believed that they had been taken for fools by a society that grew rich and fat at the expense of their hardship and suffering."


Iron Fist's Cat said...

Extremely Inappropriate.

So, "Iron Fist" invites a 12 year old girl on LGF, she gets named "lil IF". Cute, huh?

#148 lil IF 7/23/2005 7:51:05 PM
#102 Iron Fist Back in the day when I was rebellious, You lie...

Then he follows up with some fatherly advice:

#164 Iron Fist 7/23/2005 7:55:04 PM
#148 lil IF, [Dark, malevolent laughter] You best not follow in my footsteps. Really, there, hon. It hasn't been a picknic. You can do better.

His "groupie" chimes in.

#174 Sarah D. 7/23/2005 7:57:00 PM
#164 Iron Fist You're fine hon, but lil' Fist should make different choices :-)

Then Fist finds it appropriate to say this:

#230 Iron Fist 7/23/2005 8:13:39 PM
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Iron Fist's Cat said...

The "lizardoid minions" on the execution killing of a Brazilian electrician.
#1 noshariaincanada 7/22/2005 07:18AM PDT
Good work!
#2 Americain 7/22/2005 07:19AM PDT
#18 Anant 7/22/2005 07:24AM PDT

I, too, am outraged at the way this man was gunned down like some sort of animal.

He should have been captured and then killed as slowly as possible, IMHO
#19 Tinker 7/22/2005 07:24AM PDT
Why was there only one cop shooting?
#31 Bob's Kid 7/22/2005 07:29AM PDT
#35 Kragar (Proud to be kafir) 7/22/2005 07:29AM PDT
I understand the shooting, but wasnt tying his body to the back of the train and dragging it once around London a bit much?

Oh wait, thats just what I would do, nevermind.
#36 I've had a Gutful 7/22/2005 07:30AM PDT
The police deserve medals, the muslim council of britain should put up (the suspects and preachers of hate) or shut the fuck up. If only they spoke up as quickly after the bombings!

All my friends and aquaintances defiantly rejoiced at this news.

Reap the whirlwind islamofascists.

#40 Sarah D. 7/22/2005 07:30AM PDT
#19 Tinker

Why waste bullets? Obviously one shooter was all that was necessary.

May his aim remain true.
#61 Powderfinger 7/22/2005 07:35AM PDT
Ladies and gentlemen, please. Let's be civilized.

5 rounds, point blank to the back of the head is sufficient.
#76 ColoradoJim 7/22/2005 07:38AM PDT
Good on you Metropolitan Police! Nice work. Does the Koranimal get his 72 raisins now?

#148 BIG 7/22/2005 08:08AM PDT
Complaining about expending five rounds? Let me get my checkbook out to replace the funds used in accomplishing this task. It is money well spent and I'll include a bit extra for the next incident.

To the London cops. Good job. Don't worry about the ammo used. You are worth it!
#155 AmericanGirl 7/22/2005 08:14AM PDT
Good on the London police. Islamofascists reaping what they have sown. They want war? Give it to them.

Then, finally, the truth comes out:

#208 stuiec 7/23/2005 08:49PM PDT
OK, so the guy they iced was a Brazilian, and not carrying a bomb.

Perhaps a misunderstanding and a total cock-up.

What did these celebrating lizards have to say to that?



Electronic Occupation said...

The US militatry is profoundly grateful for the crocodile tears of LGF Watch. Without your support we wouldn't have the audacity to wage an immoral war for oil or to engage in racist genocide against Muslim countries. Thank you.

Winston Smith said...

So go slap another sticker on your truck, and send an email to about it.

Any soldiers whose PTSD isn't instantly cured by your inspiring tale of sacrifice are just a bunch of whiners.

Pablo said...

Iron Fist's Cat/bd/dr would you please pick a nic and go with it? I don't no whether to worm or neuter you.