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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Strange bedfellows

See if you can guess the source of the following quotes.

The events of 7/7, or Bloody Thursday as it will become to be known, is the terrible price [Britain] has paid for decades of liberal apathy and political cowardice.

The complicity of the old political parties in the crimes of the terrorists is their gutless surrender to the Liberal Elite and their facile cant about the right of terrorists and criminals taking precedence over the rights of the majority. A minority of liberals and left wing politicians can no longer be allowed to place the majority of the British people in danger.

The adherents of Islam claim that it is a religion of peace. The small extremist minority that can out such murderous attacks upon our people show quite the opposite. This alien creed breeds disaffection, hatred and violence. Almost every global conflict taking place today is where this "peaceful" religion is trying to assume or maintain influence and power.

Is the Koran, the holy book of the world's Muslims, a manual for the overthrow of western societies or is there some other plausible explanation for the inducement of fighting and subjugation within its pages?

If you inferred from the proper grammar, complete sentences, and correct spelling that these quotes are not from the LGF comments section, you're absolutely right.

They are, instead, to be found on the website of the British National Party, which was denounced by Charles as recently as last December as a "bigoted anti-everybody group." ( Indeed, the BNP has a long and sordid history of blatant anti-Semitism. But their kinship with the denizens of Wingnuttia can easily be discerned from the fact that they are already using 7/7 as a political tool -- a tactic straight out of the Karl Rove playbook.

Not to mention the following delightful comments on a recent thread about the hate-crime bill recently passed by Parliament ( -- a bill to which the author of this post is implacably opposed, but that's beside the point:

I'm afraid Britain is doomed.

Tony Blair will be the ruin of the United Kingdom.

Blair is the ultimate muslim appeaser.

So when are we going to take the law into our own hands instead of praying for a white knight / Politician in shining armor? I've had enough of depending on Politicians who are more then willing to sacrifice civilian lives to appease the Muslims.

Socialism is the one thing that all Europeans and Brits can agree on, they only disagree on the extent to which libertarian and capitalist ideals will be incorporated into it.

The company they keep.

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