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Friday, July 22, 2005

Plus ça change

The ACLU is the latest lucky recipient of the Two Minutes Hate treatment over in lizard-land. The minions have been driven to new heights of eliminationist fury over the ACLU's desire to stop military funding for a civilian organization that discriminates against gay people and atheists, as well as its statement of concern over random searches in the New York subway.

But this raging ACLU-phobia is nothing new; it goes all the way back to the McCarthy era, and indeed beyond. There has always been a certain subset of the American population that is convinced that the ACLU's "real" mission is the destruction of America. These days they call themselves "anti-idiotarians," but they're really just the ideological heirs of the John Birch Society and HUAC.

For an impartial look at the ACLU's past and present, see here. (Don't miss the comments page.)

See also Wikipedia.

The ACLU website.


Pablo said...

Ah yes, those evil Boy scouts are going to be the death of us.


Winston Smith said...

Right, and the Constitution Is Not A Suicide Pact™.


Pablo said...

Is that supposed to be a response to my comment, or are you just trying to change the subject and "score points" wherever you feel you can find them?

You posted on the subject, and now the topic is putting you to sleep?

I don't understand.