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Saturday, July 23, 2005


The man who was shot dead by Metropolitan Police officers yesterday was a Brazilian who had nothing to do with the investigation into Thursday's attempted terrorist attacks in London.

How long till Charles reports this?


Electronic Infidel said...

Let this be a warning to all Arab-looking Brazilians who wear a heavy coat into the subway in the dead of summer on the day after a terror attack and run away from the police.

Electronic Infidel said...

"I said I wanted a summer Brazilian wax, not a Brazilian wacked in the summer."

Iron Fist's Cat said...

Typically, the slavering minions think it was a good thing this guy got killed and he "probably deserved it".

Electronic Occupation said...

I don't know that he deserved to die, but he certainly deserves a Darwin Award.

Iron Fist's Cat said...

Darwin award.. for what? He was being chased by plainclothes cops. He may have had limited or no English.

That the "lizards" celebrate this tragedy says everything about the mindset of LGF.

A nastier little cow than "SarahD", Iron Fist's groupie, would be hard to find. She was delighted with this guy's killing.

Iron Fist's Cat said...

Hahahaha... choke... MIAOW!

Iron Fist: And yeah, I'll proably put 300 miles on my Harley this year. I always found you could carry more men and firepower in a car than on a bike. A bike is a recreational vehical.

A car can be a real assault vehicle.

So... he's ridden 150 miles on his Harley this year? Um.. 7 miles a week? Some biker! But his excuse is hilarious: He can put "men" and "firepower" in his pussy PT Cruiser!

So much for Fist's "bike" fantasy. No way you can be proficient riding a bike for 6 hours a year. No way.

Man, what a pathetic fake that guy is.

kodos423 said...

Man, what a pathetic fake that guy is.

A fake? At LGF? Say it ain't so...

Iron Fist's Cat said...

Lizardette "Amy" attempts to reason with the Lizards. Good luck!

#169 Amy 7/24/2005 12:21PM PDT
#164 continued
And I didn't read anywhere that any of the police officers observed any wires, either.
I'm not saying that the cops didn't do what they thought they had to do under the circumstances. He should have stopped, I don't know why he didn't, and I wish he had.
All I'm saying is that I feel badly that this young man was killed (as I'm sure the police do), and I am sickened by some of the comments on this thread which seem to express (a) happiness, (b) smug satisfaction or (c) a total lack of empathy that a human being lost his life, taking the position that someone who was that stupid "deserved" to die.

Maybe he was wearing an IPod and was late to work. Anyway, the Lizards are having none of this.
#171 SwampWoman 7/24/2005 12:23PM PDT
Like I said, Amy.
Too bad, so sad.
Blame the terrorists, not the police policies.

"Swampwoman" (well-named) is another Geepers/Iron Fist beer-guzzling groupie.
Another Lizard tries to make a point:
#173 SouthAmericanWay 7/24/2005 12:26PM PDT
The only thing which is more cruel than killing an innocent man is defaming him after he is dead.
Some of you have no idea of what you're talking about. This is a tragedy in the true sense of the word. Even those who believe the Police acted rightfully should not say that this poor Christian "merited" it or that "the jury is still out if he is an innocent".

I love LGF, but I've seen its worst face today; I wish I hadn't seen it.

Well, look again, dude. LGF has nasty shit on it every day. But seeing what they wrote about a compardre opened his eyes. Meanwhile, here's the prevailing view:
#187 Gringo 7/24/2005 12:47PM PDT
And Amy and SouthAmericanWay, your crocodile tears don't make this guy innocent. As I said, the jury is still out on that and I don't think lgfers that are reserving their "regrets" until we know for sure are being cruel or showing "their worst face." They are merely waiting, as I am, to know more about the guy before we conclude he was innocent.

They've already trashed him, over and over. Does anyone really think they're going to issue personal retractions?

No, they are ugly, unprincipled people. They are never wrong. They are chicken-hawk, flag-wrapped war-enthusiasts.

I don't think "Amy" (1400 posts) will stick around much longer. She will join a long list of people driven out by Charles Johnsons's favorite people, the people who say what he thinks but doesn't want to put his name to.

Even in the last year the debate/wingnuttery ratio has gone bonkers, about 1 to 99 now. Anyone not agreeing with the 'cabal' is loudly shouted down.

LGF is like Forbidden Planet, being destroyed by demonic manifestations of the nasty, twisted little man inside Charles Johnson. He has brought these to life in his spokespeople who are now driving away the last remnants of moderation and sanity. Like a collosal pile of shit collapsing under it's own stinky weight, LGF is turning into the Turd Blossom of the net. And Pajama Media --

Will. Never. Happen.


kodos423 said...

It's funny how the LGFers are all about "reserving judgement" when it looks like he might not be yet another al Qeada 3rd in command...and I love how they're driving people away. The fact is, people like us, who aren't complete and total retards, can ever go on and on about actual reality 'til we're blue in the face, but we'll never be able to do one tenth of the job of convincing people how evil and moronic LGFers and their ilk are as they themselves can do just by being themselves.

On ya, Charles!

Pablo said...

You should always run from armed men, while wearing a heavy overcoat, after 8 bombings, on to the tube.

Is the Metropolitan Police policy wrong?