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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mon Dieu!

On Tuesday, Daniel Pipes, whose credentials as an implacable foe of Jihad Inc. are absolutely impeccable, made a startling observation, which on Wednesday was posted chez Charlie J. ( -- emphasis added, naturellement:

Thanks to the war in Iraq, much of the world sees the British government as resolute and tough and the French one as appeasing and weak. But in another war, the one against terrorism and radical Islam, the reverse is true: France is the most stalwart nation in the West, even more so than America, while Britain is the most hapless.

In the immortal words of Jon Stewart, "whuuuh??"

Not only is Pipes committing the ultimate act of Patriotically Incorrect™ blasphemy -- i.e. praising the French -- but he's also saying that the WOT™ and the war in Iraq are two different wars. Why, it's almost as if he's admitting that attacking Iraq had nothing to do with fighting terror.

Thanks for noticing, guys. And a very happy Quatorze Juillet to you all!

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