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Monday, July 18, 2005

Justice delayed

But justice nonetheless.

Today at the Old Bailey, a vicious Afghan ex-warlord called Faryadi Zardad was found guilty of torture and hostage-taking.

This case is noteworthy -- not because of the nature of Zardad's crimes, as brutal and sordid as they were, but for two other reasons.

First, it marks the culmination of a process that started as a result of a BBC investigation several years ago.

But second, and far more significant, is the fact that this case marks the first time that a non-British citizen has been tried and convicted for crimes not committed in Britain. As such, it seems to denote the acceptance under British jurisprudence of the doctrine of universal jurisdiction"
-- a doctrine that has earned other nations that have tried using it, most notably Belgium, nothing but angry swarmings-forth from the right-wing hive.

So, let's review. An enterprising BBC reporter tracked down an Afghan war criminal, who was then tried and convicted by a British court for crimes against humanity. The lizards, agree though they might with the result, will undoubtedly be dismayed at the process that achieved it. Which is precisely what many of us have been saying about that whole Iraq business... do the ends justify the means?

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