Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Now that Charles is reduced to quoting the Sun -- goodness knows why, as the Guardian, the BBC, and the Times have also reported the news that the London bombers were young Britons of Pakistani origin -- we'll now follow suit.

MUSLIM leaders appealed for calm yesterday after an Asian man was killed in an apparent racist attack.

Islamic groups fear the assault on Kamal Raza Butt in Nottingham was part of a backlash following the London terror attacks.

Six youths were being questioned yesterday by detectives over the murder.

Pakistani Mr Raza Butt, 48, was found unconscious in the street on Sunday afternoon. He had been staying with a friend in the city for about six weeks and had walked to a nearby corner shop.

Why is this not newsworthy enough for Charles? It's from the Sun -- and the victim had a silly name!

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